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DynJS is an ECMAScript runtime for the JVM.


The most current release version of DynJS is 0.2.2. Read the release notes.

The current developer release is 0.2.3-SNAPSHOT.



DynJS is an open source project. The source code is hosted on GitHub. Contributions are welcome. GitHub is also the location to submit bugs and issues if you run into them. Don't be shy!

Continuous Integration


Our continuous integration server is hosted by CloudBees, a nice cloud-hosted version of the Jenkins tooling to keep us sane. We also use Travis-CI.

Download now. It's easy to get started!

Download v0.2.2

Experiment with the REPL

$ ./bin/dynjs --console
DynJS console.
Type exit and press ENTER to leave.
dynjs> var x = {}
dynjs> x.name = "Douglas"
dynjs> var speak = function(name) { print(name); }
dynjs> speak(x.name)

Execute Javascript on the command line

$ cat my_app.js
print("Hi! What's your name?");
var sayHello = function(name) {
    print("Hello " + name);

System = java.lang.System;
scanner = new java.util.Scanner(System.in);
name = scanner.nextLine();

$ ./bin/dynjs my_app.js
Hi! What's your name?
Hello Douglas